Scooting around Phong Nha

After our mud-filled adventure on the bicycles, we decided to play it safe on our second day in Phong Nha and stick to the main roads.

We hired ourselves a trusty little scooter and set off to explore!

First stop – the Phong Nha caves.

A short walk from Son Trach village, the caves are accessible by a boat trip along the river. The price for the trip is per boat rather than per person and the boats can seat up to 14 so make sure you hang around until you find a team. We were lucky enough to find a lovely Australian lady touring round the country with her Vietnamese friends who let us tag along with their group.

The boat cruise itself takes in the limestone peaks, pretty villages along the riverside and lots and lots of buffalo. When you get to the cave, the engine is cut and the driver rows you peacefully through beneath the impressive stalagmites and stalactites. We hopped out to have a wander and take in some of the details before strolling back to the boat for the trip back.

Unfortunately, by this point, our lovely Australian family became slightly less lovely as we had to stand around for close to half an hour as they took selfie after selfie after selfie. I have no idea what on earth they are going to do with the hundreds of photos they took next to random rocks, but anyway.

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