Semana Santa in Antigua

We arrived in Antigua earlier this week after yet another crazy journey through the Guatemalan countryside.


Having not been near a city since we started the trip, we had some serious shopping to do and our first few days in the city were spent replenishing our dwindling supplies. Unfortunately, the last time we washed our clothes (it doesn’t happen often, trust me…), the lady managed to dye everything blue. Not helpful when you have four months to live off a few items of clothing! I’m also sporting a rather stylish sunglass/masking tape fashion so the street sellers are more than welcome.

Apart from being well stocked, Antigua itself is stunning. It’s the kind of place you could easily spend weeks wiling away your days at the many coffee shops and bars. Like Flores, it has much more of a colonial feel than the other places we have visited and is equally charming. The climate is also refreshing – it’s 30 degrees during the day but creeps down to just six at night. A welcome change to the sweaty nights on the Caribbean coast!


People from all around Central America flock to Antigua for Semana Santa because of its religious and historic status and yesterday we were lucky enough to see the first Sunday of processions. It’s a very holy affair so the procession itself was extremely long, with draw out recitals at the end of every street, but the costumes were amazing. Both children and adults were decked out in full roman attire, huge floats with life-size statues of Jesus and everyone wearing the traditional purple capes.

Off to track down a Spanish school this afternoon!

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