Beach bums in Tulum

It’s still raining. And apparently will be for the foreseeable future.


But hey ho, we’re still in Mexico!

The most recent stop was Tulum, a pretty little bohemian beach spot which was top of both our must-see lists before we arrived in Mexico. Tulum has a beautiful coastline with picturesque ruins situated right on the clifftop, packed full with dreamy little boho shops selling dream catchers and hand-made jewellery. I promise I’ll stop moaning about the weather soon, but sadly Tulum is just another place that it’s hard to make the most of in the torrential rain.


The beaches are stunning (below are some snaps I took in a brief interlude of sun!) and there is absolutely no contest between these empty stretches of paradise and the manufactured beaches of Cancun. Still, there’s only so long you can attempt to sit on a beach in the pouring rain..


The cenotes, on the other hand, were great fun! It was love at first sight for the biting fish and my puss-filled knee so I’m back to square one on the healing process but it was worth it just to experience those beautiful blue pools in the caves.


We also took a side trip to Chichen Itza from Tulum. A fascinating site and, clearly, something you have to see while you’re in the Yucatan but far from a highlight in my opinion. The way that the sound and light travels through the pyramid is incredible to experience but the sight itself was simply spoilt by the swarms of tour groups and the fact that stall selling is allowed throughout. It just seemed sad that the local Mayans were selling plastic knick knacks a few feet away from a site that sacred. We haven’t had time to visit Uxmal and other local sites which we hear are still unspoilt.


We’re heading to Caye Caulker in Belize later on today and although we have been warned that the storm is following us south we have everything crossed for some better weather!

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