Cycling adventures (and accidents) in Isla Mujeres

Lessons I’ve learnt over the past few days

  1. Mexico in January is wet. Like, really wet.
  2. I am extremely bad at Volleyball.
  3. Tequila and bicycles do not mix well.

So the rain appears to have taken a liking to us and kindly decided to follow us through Mexico. We’ve had three days here on Isla Mujeres and approximately 0.01 hours of sunshine (slight exaggeration, but you get the general gist). Luckily, we’ve tagged along with a lovely bunch from the hostel in Cancun so we’ve had a great time anyway.


Like Cancun, and, I’m increasingly suspecting, like most of the Yucatan, Isla Mujeres is definitely a prime tourist hotspot. The beaches are lovely and the food is, obviously, excellent but it still feels like one large resort.


In an attempt to escape it all, yesterday we hired bikes and took a ride down to the other end of the island to explore the back roads and find some deserted beaches. We got suitably lost, found a little turtle sanctuary and, eventually, struck gold with a little place called X on the X side of the island. Patty, the owner, plied us with Beuritas (some kind of strange margarita with an upside down beer in it?!) and let us have free reign of the hotel as long as we kept ‘em coming.


A few hours, several dropped volleyballs, an obscene number of tequila shots and one unfortunate Beurita incident later, we hopped back on our bikes and began the cycle back to the other side of the island. Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea.

— Pic of us on bikes —

Three of us made it back safely, the other four (including myself and Annie) weren’t quite so lucky…


Lesson well and truly learnt.

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