Arriving in Mexico

We have arrived… and in one piece as well which is a definite bonus! Although, unfortunately, we seem to have been thrown head first into the kind of off-putting travelling experiences we were hoping to only encounter later down the line.

It turns out that landing in Cancun (or possibly anywhere on the Carribbean coast) at dusk is to be avoided at all costs. There’s nothing quite like arriving from an 11 hour flight to hordes of mosquitos, all of which seem to have some kind of super-mozzie ability to nip you through your clothes. Clearly, as you can see from the state of my feet this morning, these little guys are big fans of fresh British traveller meat.


After an hour battling with the super-mozzies, we were then accosted by an ex-American soldier who spent the entire bus journey from the airport trying to scare us into giving him money to come along and protect us. I don’t even want to dwell on the horrible stories he told us about Central America but needless to say they were enough to scare two jet-lagged, newbie-traveller 21 year old girls out of their wits!

Nevertheless, we made it to downtown Cancun for our first of many backpack-laden trips navigating hectic Mexican roads to find our hostel. Several hours later, two exhausted tortoises arrived at Hostel Mundo Joven safe and sound. Feeling pretty low after an hour of horror stories and the itchiest legs known to man, we decided to postpone our first dorm experience until the next day and settled into our refreshing air-conditioned room to enjoy our complimentary margaritas. Salud!


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